Citytrip: Dublin

Ik ben in Dublin geweest en ik heb er gevlogd! en NEEN ik ben niet in en Irish Pub geweest want ik reisde met een 12 jarige! Alles wat ik deed was dus kidsproof. ENJOY! Love | Sarah  

Packing Light: Suitcase Edition

Onlangs ging ik voor een paar dagen naar Dublin in Ierland. Ik besloot een video te maken van hoe ik mijn valise inpak. Ik nam niet veel mee, maar kwam met veel terug! Ik inspireer me altijd van de KonMari methode, waar ik al enkele video’s van heb gemaakt. Enjoy the video!

Opgemaakt 2015

In 2015 heb ik besloten om al mijn beautyspullen bij te houden die ik heb opgebruikt. Dat jaar heb ook een grote zomerkuis gehouden en heb daarom ook héél veel makeup items weggedaan die niet meer goed waren of die ik niet meer gebruikte. Mijn opgemaakte producten heb ik in 3 video’s geüpload, die je

Weekboek II: Wandelen

Een ding dat ik voor het nieuwe jaar ben begonnen, dus technisch gezien niet bij mijn “goede voornemens” hoort, is dat ik ben beginnen wandelen. Begrijp me niet verkeerd, ik wandelde al, maar nu is het echt wel next level wandelen. Ik bedacht me ineens dat ik wel wat meer frisse lucht kon gebruiken, en

Duo Taste Test: Bia Mara, Antwerpen

Duo Taste Test: een concept die ik heb ontwikkeld met Zoë. Vanaf nu gaan we hotspotten door Antwerpen (en soms ook ergens anders) en er voor zorgen dat we jullie een leuke review kunnen voorschotelen. Waarom Duo Taste Test? Want hoe saai kan een Solo Taste Test zijn? Juist ja, het is leuker om dit

Weekboek I: Ik zweer het, 2016 wordt mijn jaar.

Ik zweer het, 2016 wordt mijn jaar. Het moet eens gedaan zijn met slecht leven, eten, studeren, sporten, etc. Ik bedoel, ik ben ook goed in andere dingen, bijvoorbeeld: single zijn, stevig eten, Uno, series binge watchen. Enfin, je ziet me al afkomen, ik ben kei goed in zagen en klagen over het feit dat ik

Belgians try French Candy

// A b o u t T h e V i d e o // Hi, guys! Welcome to my Belgians try French Candy video! Hope you enjoy the video! Please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel! Until Next Time, Love | Sarah Kafif

Vlog 4: Hanukkah & Radiohuis Leuven

/ A b o u t T h e V i d e o // Hi, guys! Welcome to my video! This week is Hanukkah and I wanted to show you around a bit in the Jewish neighborhood in Antwerp on the first day of Hanukkah! Next thing I did is visit the ‘Radiohuis’ in

Singlehood: About Halloween Night!

3 years ago, on October 31st I became single, after a 9-month toxic relationship. You know about that if you read my previous columns. Zozo and I decided to go out and dress up a bit on Halloween. She went as a Playboy Bunny and I went as Minnie Mouse. We found a party to go to in a

Singlehood V: Miss Detective on a Mission

I haven’t written a column for a long time because my laptop did an update and erased all the Notes I had, meaning everything I had prepared for my blog. Thank you very much, MacBook! I was so pissed that I didn’t open Notes for a long time, and here I am. Now, I have

Funfetti Cupcakes w/ Zoë Fellows & Ines Leroy

Ines Leroy & Zoë Fellows This summer, Zoë, Ines and I decided to make the Funfetti Cupcakes which Zoella had uploaded on her YouTube channel. This was a nice activity to make amongst friends during a warm summer Friday night. And I took some pictures to show you. We used a premixed bag for cupcakes

Djemaa El Fna 2015: Celebrating Moroccan Culture

Whether it’s a food truck festival or just a food market, I love them, because I love food. A couple of weeks ago was the last week of Park Spoor Oost in Antwerp. Park Spoor Oost used to be a rail station that wasn’t available to the people but was used for railway purposes from

Singlehood IIII: Freakshow of Stalkers!

2014 went by and somehow wanted to make friends in my class, and so I did. I became friends with Zoë and Ines. By that time in 2015, I was still very much single. I wanted to retire from the department of Singlehood, but things started to change a bit in that department. March 2015,

Vlog 1: Salsa Bocadero, Antwerp

// A b o u t T h e V i d e o // Hi, guys! Welcome to my very first vlog!! Hope you enjoy this video! To recap: I went to Beauty & Glamour by Inga, which is my favorite beauty salon, and next I went to the last edition of Salsa Bocadero

Singlehood, Part III: Lawyered!

Last time in Singlehood, Part II: I’m over Mister Small Penis: By that time, I had gained ten kilograms since the relationship started, to April 2014. I did realize I was fat but somehow didn’t want to do anything about it. Dating people was not in my vocabulary. A friend told me about Tinder and

Knock Off: Urban Decay – Naked Flushed

  Good Day to you Beauty! Last review of the Urban Decay Knock offs I got on I have had this one for a very long time, now. I love this palette, but not because of every product in this palette.   The first thing on the left is a bronzer, it is positive

Knock Off: Urban Decay – Naked 3

Hi, my loves! And Naked 3 it is! Am I the only one loving the ribbles on the packaging of the Naked 3 palette AND the color of the palette itself? Loving the ribbles, hating the plasticky packaging, though.  Okay, I have to be honest with you; I do not have a favorite in this

Knock Off: Urban Decay – Naked 2

Hi gorgeous! Here I am again, with another review of the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette! First of all I have a favorite eyeshadow in this palette, the color: Verve. I love, love, love this eyeshadow so much! Secondly, as the knock off of the Naked 1 palette, the shadows are a bit crumbly, very shimmery

Knock Off: Urban Decay – Naked

  Hi, lovelies! Not so long ago I have been shopping like crazy! One of the things I have discovered were the Naked palettes on Obviously, I know they aren’t real, but I was curious to know how well they were made. First of all, I bought the 3 Naked palettes for about €15,00.

Plog 1: Weekend in Calais, France

Hi, Guys! I am in Calais for the weekend, where I stay at my aunt’s house. I needed a break from daily life and I found this to be the perfect opportunity to blow some air! Here are some pictures of this weekend: Hotspot of the city: Le Tunisien, a food truck at the beach

Summer Update!

Finals over, diet K.O. Last time I have written a post I was determinated to go healthy all the way. Unfortunately (read the first article) I went all up and then all down. The first week of the exams was good, I ate normal and healthy and went to the gym four times. I woke up

Tartine, Antwerp

My girls and I decide to eat lunch together for the last time before the finals. We all wanted to try this place in the city called: Maison Tartine. Their concept is: Breakfast – Brunch – Lunch but mainly ‘des tartines’ (sliced bread in French). I am generally not a big fan of eating bread

Culture Coffee & Donuts, Antwerp

Listen, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do! I might want to lose weight, but that does not mean, I do not feel emotional when I see cake and coffee. A week ago I saw a friend of mine liking a page on Facebook called: Culture Coffee. When I see the word ‘Coffee’ my

Healthy during exams

Last time I wrote a blog post I was determined to go healthy ALL THE WAY. Unfortunately, I have not tried to be healthy at all. The food that has passed through my mouth is unbelievable! I have not felt this miserable since a long time and I really need to change that, because my

Why is it so hard to lose weight? I have been on a diet my entire life! Yes, it is true, I have been on a diet since I was a little chubby girl. According to my mother, I have been chubby since I was 18 months old. And since I can remember, I have visited dietitians since I was 6 or