5 must eat in Tel Aviv

You know I’m a Tel Avivian by heart, and if you don’t know, check my YouTube Channel and Instagram for my Tel Aviv adventures!

But what does a Tel Avivian by heart do all day long in Tel Aviv? EAT OF COURSE! That’s why I created a list of my top 5 places to have breakfast/lunch/dinner in Tel Aviv. 5 must-eats that maybe, very maybe, even locals don’t know of.

  1. Shlomo Ve’Doron:

Shlomo & Doron is by far my favorite hummus place in Tel Aviv. Don’t get me wrong, there might be other places in for instance Jaffa, where people swear to have had the best Hummus in the whole of Israel, but Shlomo Ve’Doron is MY favorite. Why? Firstly, it’s a hidden gem in Kerem HaTeimanim (Yemenite Vineyard), my favorite neighborhood in Tel Aviv! Secondly, it has masabacha and shakshuka hummus = warm hummus dishes, GOOGLE IT!). And thirdly it only has a Hebrew menu, which means tourists have not found this place (yet)!

2. Buba Jachnun

Finding a nice place to have breakfast on a Saturday, is like looking for a lost earring while being in a club! Most places you’d like to go are closed, so you can only have food in touristy places! Yuks! So, one Shabbat morning, I felt like having Jachnun in a proper place, I found Buba Jachnun! Only open on Shabbat, and you know why? Because Jachnun is only eaten on Shabbat! (Not in my world! But still…) BINGO! for 25 NIS you get two big gooey pieces of Jachnun dough with shredded tomatoes and schug, coffee or tea.

3. Sabich Frishman

This is a popular one! Next to Yemenite dishes, my favorite dishes in Israel are Iraqi. Sabich is one more typical Shabbat dish, but this one is eaten every day, at every meal. It’s a pita pocket filled with grilled eggplant, salad, Iraqi mango salsa, egg, etc. This place only sells Sabich, but it’s annexed to Frishman Falafel, who sells, well… FALAFEL! 🙂 But try when you’re in the city center of TLV, the long lines speak for themselves.

This photo of Frishman Falafel & Frishman Sabich is courtesy of TripAdvisor

4. Azura

Well, I told you Iraqi food is one of my favs, so when I discovered Azura, I fell in love! Azura sells al kinds of Iraqi-Kurdish-Jewish food. Yes, IT’S A THING! But the must-try dish here is Marak Kubbeh, Kubbeh Soup which is a kind of dumpling made of bulgur, filled with minced meat. You’ve got to choose from 4 to 5 different Kubbeh soups and they are all as delicious! I’m a big eater, so if you’re like me, order a plate of rice with beans or mujaddara (rice with lentils, and fried onions). WORTH THE BLOATED WALK AFTERWORTHS!

5. HaBurika Center

Last but not least: there is one spot I couldn’t miss when I go to Tel Aviv and it’s most definitely HaBurika Center. This place is a stand on the Carmel Market and sells Burika (not borekas!!). Burika is the Hebrew word for the North African dish called Brik. It’s basically phyllo dough with an egg and potato inside, then fried in vegetable oil. The only difference at this place and I don’t know whether it’s because they’re Lybian or it’s an Israeli twist to the original, but at HaBurika Center you get in in a pita with salad and other yummie sauces and I don’t know what (honestly, I just eat and enjoy, don’t question what’s inside). For 20 NIS you get a big pita, filled with other vegetarian yumminess, enough to fill your stomach for lunch (or dinner, really!). You can’t miss the guy who makes the burika, as he screams all day long: “BURIKA, BURIKA, BURIKA! SHALOSH SFINSJ B’ESER!” (Translation: “BURIKA, BURIKA, BURIKA! THREE SFINSJS FOR 10 SHEKELS”) because yes, he does sell sfinsjs as well, these yummie North African doughnuts topped with sugar. Follow HaBurika Center on Instagram, you’ll be in for a treat: @haburika_carmel_market

I hope after describing these 5 places you’ll be hungry enough to try them! You’re in for a big carb section, but hey, no one diets when in Tel Aviv!

L’Chaïm – XoXo Sarah

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