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Food Traveler eating AGAIN – Tel Aviv 2017

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog. So long that I couldn’t remember my password. *Shame sinks in, shame sinks in.* School and work absorbs a lot of my energy and when I’m off, I travel and eat. I’ve been traveling a lot and vlogged everything, and that made me realize I should focus on traveling and food. That’s why, ladies and gentlemen, my blog turns on a new page!

I will post a Dutch story once in a while because let’s be honest I do make mistakes in English, and sometimes need to express myself in Dutch. But besides that, all my blog posts will be in English.

As I said, my main focus will be Travel & Food, and that’s what I’m good at, from now on call me a Food Traveler! 😀 This year I’ve been to Israel, France, Greece and I’m planning on going to France (Calais, Paris) Germany (Berlin), Spain (Madrid), Slovakia (Bratislava), Austria (Vienna), USA (New York) and maybe all the Erasmus countries my friends will go to (Spain (Valencia), England (Southampton), etc.). Obviously, I will document this all, as I vlog every day when I’m abroad (Check my YouTube channel, don’t forget to subscribe and like and comment down my videos), I will post pictures on Instagram, will post Instagram Stories and snaps on SnapChat: @sarahkafif , and I will blog about all the places I’ve been to and more about where I lost my heart: Tel Aviv and where I live: Antwerp, Belgium. And last but not least, about the FOOD! My true passion that I can develop at least 5 times a day but secretly do 24/7.

I know it’s been a while, but I remembered my password, logged in and wrote this to you.

L’Chaïm – To Life, Sarah K. ♥

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