Knock Off: Urban Decay – Naked 2

Naked 2 I

Hi gorgeous! Here I am again, with another review of the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette! First of all I have a favorite eyeshadow in this palette, the color: Verve. I love, love, love this eyeshadow so much! Secondly, as the knock off of the Naked 1 palette, the shadows are a bit crumbly, very shimmery (If you like a lot of shimmer you will be okay with that), but the shadows are good in quality once applied to my eyelids.

Naked 2 IIII

Apart from the eyeshadows, who are great in quality, but crumbly, the packaging is something I cannot live with. First of all: everything is pure plastic and looks cheap, second of all the ‘mirror’, well the mirror is not a mirror, you cannot see through the supposed-to-be-a-mirror thing, this is disgusting! The brush is good at applying, though, but still plasticky and cheap in quality.

Naked 2 IINaked 2 III

Although, I have a favorite eyeshadow color, called: Verve, the rest of the colors aren’t really exciting. This shouldn’t be a big difference with the real Naked 2 palette. These are personally not colors I would wear and I figured out, once I apply Verve, I grab another palette to finish up the look. Basically, if Urban Decay would sell Verve apart from the palette, I would definitely buy the eyeshadow, but I wouldn’t buy the real Naked 2 palette.

Naked 2 V

This time I don’t see any big mistakes made on the back of the palette.

I hope you enjoyed my review on this palette. I still have Naked 3 and Naked Flushed to review and you will be able to see these reviews very soon, on my blog. Comment down below what your thoughts are on the knock offs and the real ones.

Until Next Time,

Love | Sarah K.

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